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At It's Only Love Dog Training, we strive to provide love and guidance for all animals. Using positive reinforcement training,  we  teach dogs to voluntarily become more obedient. We want your dogs to want to learn and will do everything to guarantee the happiest FURever home.

I APPLY THE USE OF ETHICALLY BASED TRAINING AND NEVER USE ITEMS SUCH AS PRONG SHOCK OR CHOKE CHAIN. If you're interested in reading about positive force free training and its scientifically proven techniques please visit

Torrie has always loved being involved with animals. Throughout her life she has had cats and dogs, mice, hamsters, frogs, rabbits, tortoises,salamanders, bearded dragons and even a duck. She has worked with dogs for over 10 years and trained well into the thousands of different dogs of all breeds.  

A note from the trainer:

My passion is animal wellness and obedience. I love training dogs because dogs love having a job. Humans often don't give canines enough credit to their abilities. Every dog is smart and has the passion to learn, through positive reinforcement I guarantee you'll see a voluntary and permanent change in your dogs behavior and understanding.

Positive reinforcement training means that I train with treats and praise and sometimes even toys. I want to motivate your dog to enjoy working for you. With practice and consistent stimulation you will soon be able to show off your best friends new manners and skills.